Terms Of Use

This software is in beta and it's features and functionality may change at any time. The data submitted to this site and stored in our database is our data. Only submit data you want the public to see. The tools and features of our software, scripts, websites, mobile apps, and the like are designed for a particular purpose. Use of such tools and features, other than their intended use, is not allowed and grounds for permanently banning your account without refund. The use of these tools and features constitutes your agreement with the terms outlined within this Terms Of Use statement, as well as, our Cookie and Privacy Policy. This software is available as is and you agree to use this software at your own risk and you agree to assume all responsibility for any harm or loss, to your device, data, or person, that arises through the use of these tools and features. Your usage of these tools and features is an acknowledgement on your part that you understand nobody can 100% guarantee the safty of any content available on the Internet and that these tools and features help to provide a layer of protection for your device and data but are still vulnerable to malicious attack, operating system vulnerablilities, configuartion or programatic issues, and/or systems misuse. These terms and policies will change and be amended from time to time, you agree to review any changes and amendments made to these terms and policies. Your continued use of our software constitutes your agreement to these changes and amendments.

Business Networks

As a member, or owner, of a business network you understand and agree that you are an Independent Contractor and are responsible for your own business management and duties. The software, interfaces, tools, websites, etc. used by you and/or your employees within your business are part of what you are paying for in your monthly service and network fees as a business expense.

Sweepstakes Providers

In some service offerings we offer a tool set for conducting a sweepstakes. These tools are provided to businesses and individuals, who are customers of genApp.pro, for the purpose of conducting legal sweepstakes that adhere to the laws in their state. If, for any reason, these tools do not provide a complete tool set to conduct a legal sweepstakes in that your state, you understand and agree that you are responsible for acquiring any such tools needed at your own expense and we are not required develop an interface or have our tools communicate with said tools in any manner.

Sweepstakes Participants

You may be offered an opportunity to participate in sweepstakes. These sweepstakes are offered by "Content Distributors" which are different companies or individuals who utilize genApp mobile apps to promulgate information and content to the public. If one of these apps offers an opportunity to participate in a sweepstakes, the "Content Distributor" of the app you are viewing is responsible for adhering to the laws regarding sweepstakes. You agree to address the "Content Distributor" with any concerns regarding any sweepstakes you participate in.

Cookie & Privacy Policy

We use cookies in our software to store options selected by the user, to help improve the user experience and for usage statistics. We do not store personal information in cookies to help prevent the acquisition of such data by any third party. Any user's personal data that we store in our database is private information and is not shared by us with any company, individual, or entity. We also use cookies with milk sometimes.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our services, content is made available to the public, for our members, through their mobile apps and within the Community Content area. For this reason refunds are only issued to members who are on monthly subscriptions, for the current month, if the member has not logged in to their account that month. Members who have purchased a full year membership will have their membership fees prorated and refunded accordingly to the end of their membership period. All memberships can be managed and can be cancle at any time at which point you will not be billed on the next billing date.
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